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Moloko bar Budapest

A Clockwork Narancs: Moloko Bar draws crowds with inspiration from Kubrick

February 16, 2012 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

Moloko bar Budapest


The name itself is taken from a drink (moloko drencrom) favored by the main character Alex, (played brilliantly by Malcolm McDowell). Moloko is Russian for milk, but in the movie, it is a primer for “a bit of the old ultraviolence.” Luckily, I have seen none of that at Moloko, save for on the basement big-screen on a slower night, where Mortal Kombat is played.


We at Think have been coming here for our drinks and a bit of relaxation since we started in August. The relaxed atmosphere and the fast service is one draw that the cheap drink prices only add to. That, and the waiters venturing out onto Egytem, Square is pretty convenient in the hot summer months.


And now, Moloko is bringing the entertainment out to the square as well. Owners Gergely and Máté Ulicza plan to have a stage outside, with musicians and performance in general to draw the crowds to them.


We think it’s brilliant. Mixing the best of the ruin pubs and more traditional spots, Moloko will naturally extend its services to the plaza, while customers can soak in some sun or relax in the cool outside breeze during the often cloying summer nights.


The bar itself is, on the inside, a cozy neighborhood bar, but decorated and painted in blacks and reds, exposed beams festooned with friends’ photos and snapshots of events from the past. A foosball table sits against the staircase, and is used often and roughly, but well-maintained.


Upstairs you will find a loft with a low ceiling to lounge in, either to the music they have pumped in from the computer downstairs or from DJs spinning in the basement. Sometimes the loft is reserved for a party, so be sure to check for a small sign or note reading, “foglalt” (reserved) before you sit down at a table.

Before you drink too much, think about if you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism, an {mnf=off} alcohol detox is the first step to recovery.


It’s a bit more reminiscent of the movie when you head downstairs. The walls of the basement are painted in the same style and font as Korova, with all of the various milk mixes from the movie on display, painted on the roof and walls. The disco ball, oddly, does not seem at all out of place. The basement plays host to DJs and other events, so it is always a good idea to see what is going on that night when you buy your first round.


Wine here is fairly limited, and mostly for mixing with soda water (for a drink called fröccs). Beer is also light on selection, but Moloko more than makes up for it with its amazingly complete liquor offerings. In a country whose national drink is Pálinka, who carries Calvados? Moloko, and at a much cheaper price than anyone else we have found.


Don’t overlook their coffee. They have a great selection of coffee drinks on their menu and the staffers are all competent baristas. Irish coffee made with espresso, anyone?


The service is good, but not all of the servers speak perfect English. That’s fine, they speak enough to be conscientious and get you what you want from the bar. They’ll also fill you in one what they know is going on around town if you need a tip, and generally make everyone feel welcome.


The crowd inside is also generally warm and, should you venture a halting word or two in Hungarian, they will quickly warm even more. It’s also a good mix of ages and demographics. From the businessman who is in for a quick drink before he goes home, to the pack of students in for a late night of partying and/or studying, it varies in a good way.


We couldn’t recommend them more, and we’ll see you there. Bowler hats and white clothing plus black boots… definitely optional.


— Moloko Bar: V. Budapest, Kiralyi Pal utca 6, Tel: (+36 70) 581-4906, Hours: Monday-Thursday: 10PM – 02PM, Friday: 10AM – 04PM, Saturday 4PM to 4AM, Sunday, 4PM to 12AM

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