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A firm shake… Martini Firm’s Daybed Supperbar

December 8, 2008 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

martini firm{xtypo_dropcap}O{/xtypo_dropcap}nce called The Daybed Supperbar, Martini Firm’s concept of bringing the ease of your own home to the adventurous outside is a fantasy fulfilled as what is more leisurely than lying around in a beautiful bed surrounded by beautiful people while nursing that colourful glass of martini.


The name change brought about by the desire to market the nightspot as more than just a bedroom concept but a place with great drinks and permanency is symbolic of the pride the bar takes in being of high quality and style.


Cocktails are aplenty here and some of which are well-concocted creative variations of what we already know and like which is what is impressive since every drink tried tastes better than anywhere else’s. The martinis are neatly categorised into ‘fruitinis’ or ‘creamtinis’ making it easy for patrons to distinguish the base in which their drinks are going to come in.


The fruitinis’ harmonious blend of fruits and alcohol is done by crushing the fruits in before pouring vodka over – their secret recipe to making their drinks so deliciously yummy.


Cocktails here are a tad more expensive going at an average of $18 nett but they all come with a hearty dose of alcohol and are surely worth trying anyhow. If your intention however is to get sloshed out on those encouraging cushions at a more affordable price, the house pours are $12 nett per glass and twin juggies are $90 nett.


Even the food section or Spiceology is as well thought out and another great experience since all factors were considered – healthy steamed preparation, gourmet food and design, all served easy for consumption in a bar.


The pork ribs were cooked so perfectly that its sweetness was brought to front rather than have it overwhelmed by the strong lingering scent of red meat. The sauce was also excellent and this was poured over the skewered meat and vegetables. There is a whole list of sauces to choose from according to one’s preference and they look to be all as gastronomically delightful in creation.


daybed bar Guests are served hot towels to freshen up if they want to, completing the extremely thoughtful administrations of the pub. It is likely this great service along with the whole atmosphere of the place that has the regulars coming back for more.


It is truly an enjoyable experience to sit amidst the sea of white luxurious beds with charming drapery hung over each little corner of the room, building up an air of restful intimacy yet so very alive.


Try the lychee caipirovska while basking in this soothing ambience. It is done with a potent shot of rum and has a strong minty flavour. Simply delicious.

Martini Firm boasts of a detailed concept so well done it is a conversation opener, like a secret hideaway you cannot wait to tell your best friends about before it becomes the full-fledged newest hot spot.


You will be bowled over by the decor, the music, the food, the drinks, the service… simply everything because you’re in the expert hands of a high-calibre pub. You will basically get the whole luxury treatment of a classy joint while not necessarily forking out the luxury payment for it all. This is a place you should not miss out on!


– Martini Firm was located at 15 Mohd Sultan Road, Singapore, open 7pm to 3am from Sundays to Fridays, and 7pm to 4am on Saturdays.

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