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A night on the town in Prague

December 16, 2011 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

bars in prague

You do like beer, we’ll take that for granted, but have you tried absinthe? We’ll get to that later. A nice way to clear your head is to take a walk from Staroměstská nám. and weave your way through the tourists with a cold one in your hand (it’s legal here you know).


Follow the road from the main square, and instead of going down Pařížská Street like most of the other folks, take the steps down Dlouhá Street, and keep your eyes on your right. About three or four minutes, you will come upon a place called Prague Ink ( High quality tattoo and piercing goes on here, and you know you’ve always wanted a little memento of your stay here. I don’t think they do anchors there but you could ask. Afterwards, head on down into the bar next door, Harley’s to pose around all cool with your new tattoo and some whiskey on the rocks.


If it’s still a bit early in the day, there are some pretty sweet little kavarna’s (coffeehouses) and tearooms (a Czech specialty) to stop by for a pick me up along the way. There’s many tucked around Malá Strana side, look around Devil’s Creek or head up the hill towards the Castle.


On your way up the hill, as you approach the small square hang a right and follow along past a restaurant called Cowboys Steak & Cocktails Restaurant (not bad at all, the guys at Kampa run this joint – Nerudova 40, Prague 1, Tel.: +420 296 826 107, Fax: +420 257 534 848, Tel: +420 257 535 050, E-mail: [email protected], Open: 12:00 am – 01:00 am), or saunter down a few doors to Jo’s Bar (, one of the first ex-pat joints opened here after the revolution.


There are plenty of great happy hours around the city including the Iron Curtain Bar, a grill pub that will amaze you with live music, seven beers on tap, Open fire grill (open late) and the best infused vodkas in town and some really cool décor (over 200 Communist Artifacts! (


If you want some new duds or a groovy new coat to compliment your tattoo, go to Betlémské náměstí to the first little street you see hidden off to the side. Konviktska is the name of it, and walk around the corner until you see Satna (Konviktska 13) for some great vintage threads.


On the other side of that square is Liliova Street. Go check out O’che’s (, a Cuban inspired Irish Bar that pours some of the finest Stouts in town. You might feel a little seedier, so continue back to the next little square and make a left to the far side of it. Bar Jaguár (Skořepka 7, 110 00 Praha 1, Tel: 224 219 581) is a quiet café by day and a strip bar at night. and has a bit of a film noir flavor, and that means cigarettes, and lot of people watching, and just as many characters.


If you’ve got a little buzz on and want some chill out time, the Taverna Toscana – Restaurant & Piano Bar (not far away on Michalska 22, provides friendly service and impossibly delicious food. A great place to reconnect with your crew or potential loved one. The waiters will take care of you, recommending the finest they have to offer, and combining ingredients in ways that only you can dream up.


After dinner, head back towards to the Old Town Square (ask the waiter) and head across it and through the passage to the left of the twin spires.


You’ll pass The Dubliner ( through the arch on your left, and if you head on you walk right into the notorious Chapeau Rouge ( The only way to describe it is to go in, and check the vibe. “The customer is always wrong” is their motto, and Absinthe is their specialty. If you would’ve taken a left after the clock (in the square), you could head down the aforementioned posh Pařížská street, one of the most beautiful streets in town.

Two blocks later make a right and the first left and chill out in one of the friendliest bars in the city. The Aloha (Dušní 8/11, 110 00 Prague 1-Josefov, Tel: 602 251 392, and great food and cocktails (at great prices). Speaking of Tiki Bars, if you find yourself up Žižkov way, be sure to check out Tiki Taky at Cimburkova 22, Praha 3, Žižkov, for a real good time.


When was the last time you shook your booty? After a stop in at the Buddha Bar Hotel, make a left at the 4-way intersection, go two blocks and you are facing one of our finest night clubs, the Roxy ( Your tie should be fully off now, and the only thing you THINK is party. Everyone else’s is.


If should feel a little more elegant at this time, get your butt in a taxi, and head to Radost Nite Club, the closest Prague gets to New York boheme delight, the taxi should be no more than 200 CZK, and the rest, my friends, is up to you, and don’t forget to set your alarm clock when you get home, or check out THINK magazine, for more info and schlock. Till you drop, mate.

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