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Air + Alcohol + Carbination

‘Air’ (Alcohol Inspired Refresher)

July 26, 2012 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

Air + Alcohol + Carbination



Looking for a buzz but not so fond of the harsh flavours of, there’s a tailor made solution ready for you in a drink called AIR (aka; Alcohol Inspired Refresher).


The Mckenzie River Corporation has created a carbonated alcoholic drink of perfect neutrality and positive spirit. Clear, a pure taste and devoid of fragrance, you really can drink this beverage that taste, like, well… liquid Air (aka; water). Now stealth office drunks can get their Monday morning happy hour on without anyone being any the wiser…


And you won’t get sloppy too quickly, as this malt-based mixture contains just 4% alcohol and has hit the western states at licenced trade merchants in Vega, San Francisco, Portland, LA and Seattle for a little more than a dollar-fifty a can. For those who like theirs with a little something extra, it also comes in berry and citrus flavors.


But the real reason you should try a can is simply to support the minds behing this AWESOME commercial!


Air beverage

Air Beverage

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