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‘Air’ (Alcohol Inspired Refresher)‘Air’ (Alcohol Inspired Refresher)

Sometimes a product comes along that should be created just to create cool ads... meet [ ... ]

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Make mine Stout!Make mine Stout!

A stout can be described as a dark, sometimes bitter beer. Stout is a dark beer made u [ ... ]

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Introduction to Basic BartendingIntroduction to Basic Bartending

Drinks akin to cocktails first appeared sometime during the 16th century, and were oft [ ... ]

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Goddess of The Caledonia: Zsuzsanna BozoGoddess of The Caledonia: Zsuzsanna Bozo

Welcome to "Bar Deities," wherein our intrepid Thinkers go forth to Budap [ ... ]

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Singapore Venues

Singapore bars

Thinky's Guide to Nightlife in Singapore

singapore barsIf your guidebook is more than eight months old, throw it away, because Singapore is not what you think anymore...

Things are loosening up, bar-top dancing is back, late night bars are partying around the clock and the rainbow people are coming out of the closet and into the clubs!

Any night of the week you can find a deejay spinning, no matter your preference... and what about the ladies' nights, which means in dozens of bars each week, women can drink for free! Beat that Toyko!

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57 ChevyWritten by Joe Bodia3903
Archipelago Brewery CompanyWritten by Joe Bodia2476
Attica / Attica TooWritten by Jeffree Benet4352
Axis Bar and LoungeWritten by Jeffree Benet2467
B.B. Bar (The Bungy Bar)Written by Adeline Loh2198
BalaclavaWritten by Barman Guide2471
Ballymoons Spirits Bar @ OrchardWritten by Cher Tan2242
Beaver's American PubWritten by Adeline Loh1983
BQ BarWritten by Adeline Loh1890
BrewerkzWritten by Jeffree Benet1877
Brewerkz Restaurant and MicrobreweryWritten by Cher Tan2065
Brix @ the HyattWritten by Jeffree Benet2802
Cafe Del MarWritten by Mark Koh2255
Cloud 9 PubWritten by Joe Bodia2903
CoastesWritten by Cher Tan1772
Crazy ElephantWritten by Jeffree Benet2601
DBL-OWritten by Jeffree Benet1920
Dragon FlyWritten by Darren Halls1965
Durty Nelly's Irish PubWritten by Joe Bodia2261
Equinox at the New Asia BarWritten by Jeffree Benet5192
Eski BarWritten by Jeffree Benet2601
Harry's Quayside BarWritten by Cher Tan2757
Home ClubWritten by Jeffree Benet1934
Ice Cold BeerWritten by Jeffree Benet2387
Infiniti Karaoke PubWritten by Barman Guide3114
Ink Club BarWritten by Jeffree Benet2292
Jazz@SouthbridgeWritten by Jeffree Benet2566
KM8 SentosaWritten by Jeffree Benet3181
LoofWritten by Ashburn Eng2209
Lot Stock and BarrelWritten by Jeffree Benet and Elliot Townsend3460
Lumbia - The Salsa ClubWritten by Jeffree Benet2155
Muddy Murphy's Irish PubWritten by Cher Tan2569
No. 5 Emerald HillWritten by Adeline Loh2462
Paulaner Brauhaus SingaporeWritten by Jeffree Benet2112
Prince of Wales Backpacker's PubWritten by Cher Tan2393
Release Karaoke PubWritten by Joe Bodia2361
Rogues Bar and BistroWritten by Jeffree Benet2516
Siam Supper ClubWritten by Joe Bodia2922
Sing One Cafe LoungeWritten by Joe Bodia2170
St James Power StationWritten by Mark Koh2618
Supperclub SingaporeWritten by Joe Bodia2654
The Bar RoomWritten by Darren Halls1659
The Bronx KaraokeWritten by BarmanGuide2092
The Butter FactoryWritten by Cher Tan2122
The Dubliner Irish PubWritten by Jeffree Benet2744
The Forbidden CityWritten by Darren Ho2435
The Penny BlackWritten by Cher Tan1846
The Pump RoomWritten by Jeffree Benet2147
The Pump RoomWritten by Cher Tan1981
The Rooftop BarWritten by Darren Ho3057
UncabuncaWritten by Darren Halls4998
Union SquareWritten by Mark Koh3147
W Wine BarWritten by Jeffree Benet1201
Wala Wala Cafe BarWritten by Joe Bodia2429
Zouk NightclubWritten by Cher Tan2630

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Durty Nelly's Irish Pub
Durty Nelly's Irish Pub

Durty Nelly's Irish Pub, another stellar offering from Gaelic Inns! This nice and friendly plac [ ... ]

Ink Club Bar
Ink Club Bar

The fact that Ink doesn't claim a conspicuously high-profile position, touting itself as attracting  [ ... ]

Muddy Murphy's Irish Pub
Muddy Murphy's Irish Pub

Compared to oh-so-far-away Dublin in Ireland, this is as authentic as it gets without having to fl [ ... ]

The Forbidden City

Indochine takes chillin' to a whole new level... with Forbidden Ice Palace...

Siam Supper Club

Three months of secret redesign bears fruit as Wong Sans refreshes...


Probably the best little bar in Singapore...

Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore

A cool place with Bavarian charm and lots of wood, the perfect place to go with group of friends whe [ ... ]

BQ Bar
BQ Bar

While you're sometimes tempted to dine al fresco due to overcrowded pubs with shady interiors, BQ Ba [ ... ]

B.B. Bar (The Bungy Bar)

The cocktail selection here is splendid with 69 different choices. Locate [ ... ]


For executives eschewing a stiff-collar corporate atmosphere, Balaclava would be the apt choice to [ ... ]