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Goddess of The Caledonia: Zsuzsanna BozoGoddess of The Caledonia: Zsuzsanna Bozo

Welcome to "Bar Deities," wherein our intrepid Thinkers go forth to Budap [ ... ]

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What to do if you’re injured in a casino?What to do if you’re injured in a casino...

Casinos may be sophisticated amusement parks solely for adults, but that does not mean t [ ... ]

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Signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning

Recently, my wife and I were celebrating at a bar, and lots of friends thought it would  [ ... ]

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bartending teamworkWhat's it take to get you your favorite beverage in a reasonable time? It takes a dedicated team of career professionals, from the manufacturers to the distributors, promoters, bartenders and bar owners, and in this section we introduce you to the players behind the scenes, so to speak... just so you'll be in the know.


Welcome to "Bar Deities," wherein our intrepid Thinkers go forth to Budapest's Bars, Pubs n' Clubs and introduce you to the Bar Gods and Goddesses. We usually keep them too busy with drink requests for anything beyond chitchat, right? Well, thanks to Scott Warren, you can know them a little better without interrupting the flow of intoxicants they so brilliantly provide....

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What is TIPS® Alcohol Awareness Program?

The TIPS® Program provides graduates with intervention strategies for handling difficult situations [ ... ]

Shuck 'em boys!

Singapore's Guinness Oyster Shucking Championship at Muddy Murphy's Irish Pub

Hi, my name is Mike, and I have internal bleeding
Hi, my name is Mike, and I have internal bleeding

At the time, the injury seemed fine, like someone had punched me. But now it seems more serious, l [ ... ]

What are the most expensive beers in the world?

A few too many beer makes you see triple so we came up with three possibilities for the world's most [ ... ]

42 Below Vodka

42 Below Vodka is a New Zealand-owned and produced vodka with a string of international awards inclu [ ... ]

How Beer Saved The World
How Beer Saved The World

You know what's really patriotic? Drinking beer! Yes, that's right... and long before religions  [ ... ]

John Walker & Sons Celebrates 60th Anniversary of ...
John Walker & Sons Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen's Accession to the Throne

The Bottling of Diamond Jubilee by John Walker & Sons, a Blend of Rare Scotch Whiskies Distilled i [ ... ]

Escape the Hangover Hell!
Escape the Hangover Hell!

You partied ‘til dawn and drank everything but the water in the fishbowl; you wake up in a stran [ ... ]

Zwack’s Excellency Pálinka
Zwack’s Excellency Pálinka

Liquid LSD? (Six shots of pálinka, same thing.) If the final Pálinka  [ ... ]

Beer Troubleshooting flow chart

Having trouble reaching the bottom of your mug? Things getting blurry and soggy? Then be sure to ref [ ... ]