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Kanis en MeilandKanis en Meiland

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Stompin' Stompin' "At the Old Lady's"

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Casinos may be sophisticated amusement parks solely for adults, but that does not mean that accidents cannot happen.  Between the slot machines, the floorshows and the never-ending free drinks, there are plenty of opportunities for an accident to occur.

Accidents at casinos

There are several types of accidents that can happen in a casino, the most common type being slips and falls.  These can occur in any of the casino’s public places – the restaurant, the slot machine and other gambling areas, or the bar – and can result in broken limbs, sprains or even head injuries.

Another common casino accident can result from the use of broken casino chairs.  Thousands of people use the chairs placed in front of slot machines every day and their swivel mechanisms are particularly prone to breakages.  Failure by the casino to perform regular checks on these chairs can lead to very nasty falls.  Other falls can occur on the shuttle buses that some casinos provide for their patrons, where luggage left unattended in the aisles presents a trip hazard, or in the casino precinct itself, where a liquid spill has not been cleaned up promptly and completely.

Some casinos still allow smoking within their premises, so it is possible that a lit cigarette or even a lighter could burn a casino patron.  This is more likely if the smoker is intoxicated, which is a distinct possibility considering the heady atmosphere of a casino combined with the free alcohol.

Of course, the main attraction of gambling in a casino is the possibility of winning large amounts of cash.  Anyone seen to be winning such a small fortune is a prime target for criminals, thieves and pickpockets.  Whilst most casinos employ security guards to watch over and protect their patrons, there is always the possibility of a gambler being the victim of an assault.

Casinos have a duty of care with respect to their patrons and are legally required to do everything they can to prevent foreseeable accidents.  If one of their guests suffers an injury, it should immediately be reported to the casino’s security staff. They will take down the particulars of the accident and ask for a statement to be signed by the victim.


This is all very well if the accident is relatively minor and the victim is not unduly unsettled by it, but if the accident has caused major physical injury and the victim is unable to think clearly, then it is best if they do not sign any statement or other paperwork which may lessen or nullify their legal right to compensation. Once the incident has been reported, the victim’s first concern should be to seek medical treatment. Once this has been accomplished, they would be well advised to seek the services of a personal injury attorney to discuss compensation and other legal options available to them. Trying to make a claim against a casino without the legal aid of such an attorney is not advisable, as the casino will have a risk management team available who will do all they can to limit their liability.

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No matter how many casinos you have played, any true brilliant gambler at heart will just fall in love with Las Vegas.  There is no place on earth that can dispute the desert city casinos prowess. Do not be cheated, the distance is not far and the traveling costs are not very high. The good news is that ca.royalvegascasino.com is there to help there to help you. Whenever you want to know matters casino just log into the web site and be informed for the best of casino action and excitement.


Actually, Royal Vegas is not like other online casinos. Extremely good reputation for close to 15 years has seen the online casino page attract large numbers of players. After you sign up on ca.royalvegascasino.com you will be able to access world class casino services. The Royal Vegas e-casino is trustworthy since it is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, registered in EU and eCogra certified. Furthermore, the online casino is a member of the Fortune Lounge group. That means travels and tours are even easier because this is an-all-exclusive package. Many casinos have a limited choice of games, but not Royal Vegas. This casino is packed with over 400 casino games. Blackjack, roulette, craps, slots and video porker are the main game categories. Will you get bored? In this casino, boredom is definitely extinct. Royal Vegas online casino is continuously updated to state-of-the-art platform with software from Micro gaming.


The best part of the gaming software is that they are easy to download and even easier to install. Else, you can just play a flash version of a game hence you need to download or install. Ca.royalvegascasino.com games can also be played on your mobile device! If you enter the Fortune Lounge Cruise promotion, you could be embarking on unforgettable Caribbean cruise. Believe me this is the best a casino tour can get. The website gives away 50 double tickets on a weeklong cruise on the magnificent waters. That is not all; you stand a chance of winning prizes worth up to $1,000,000. You do not want to miss this chance!


When it comes to finance, ca.royalvegascasino.com banking is super safe and very secure. Unlike other online casinos, you do not have to hassle in order to enroll your account or even collect your prizes. Encryption technology is responsible for your comfort on this web platform. Information on the web pages is up to date so that you can easily plan for travel. For players who are starters, they will enjoy the loyalty points every time they play. Accumulated points can be redeemed for free credits to your account that you can use in a tour. Royal Vegas online is the prestige of online casino. As a Fortune Lounge member, you get invitations to compete in daily and weekly tournaments that have very good prizes. It is not just about playing

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