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Simple Bartending ManualSimple Bartending Manual

Odds are you're going to find yourself behind a bar one day. Maybe your bar tender jus [ ... ]

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Rooie Nelis AmsterdamRooie Nelis Amsterdam

Famous old-style bar bar, opened in 1937, is reminiscent of old Amsterdam...  [ ... ]

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Best Gin Drinks

Gin is one of the classic, and possibly one of the most iconic, alcohols in the past few [ ... ]

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Are they really all that different?

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The THB boutique at Clarke Quay allows visitors to enjoy the heady intoxication of one of bartending's greatest recipes right in their home!

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Zwack’s Excellency Pálinka
Zwack’s Excellency Pálinka

Liquid LSD? (Six shots of pálinka, same thing.) If the final Pálinka  [ ... ]

Drysack Sherry
Drysack Sherry

Bodega Williams & Humbert was founded in 1877 down in the western Andalusia region made famous by th [ ... ]

Guinness Cooking Recipes

Not only does it taste great to drink, but the venerable dark brew from Ireland is also rather v [ ... ]

The Story of (Czech) Absinthe

"Ban this drink... and make mine a large one! " - Scottish Saying

Make Skittles Infused Vodka

You've all heard of infused vodkas before... infused with chilli peppers, fruits, even bubble gum... [ ... ]

Mumm means you've arrived!

If your knowledge of fine champagne is limited to free-lows of Moët & Chandon, get ready to buz [ ... ]

Why you shouldn't drink a pint of cocktail through...

You may think by the title that this needs little or no explaining, but after my recent experience I [ ... ]

Coffee (I love You.)

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day.

Casino restaurant review: The Mahogany Room

The Crown Casino, which is located in Melbourne, is regarded as one of the world’s finest casinos, [ ... ]

The Bartender

The bartender is the one person who contributes most to the success of any establishment, or to its  [ ... ]