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Thinky’s Guide to Nightlife in Singapore

If your guidebook is more than eight months old, throw it away, because Singapore is not what you think anymore…
Things are loosening up, bar-top dancing is back, late night bars are partying around the clock and the rainbow people are coming out of the closet and into the clubs!
Any night of the week you can find a deejay spinning, no matter your preference… and what about the ladies’ nights, which means in dozens of bars each week, women can drink for free! Beat that Toyko!


December 9, 2008


uncabuncaUncabunca is somewhere that you will feel special. It caters for a discerning clientele, with food, pool and other specialties available you will not be left want at the bar at the top of Circular Road.

Two separate bars allow for a good mix of different types of atmospheres.


One has a deejay booth and a good sized seating area, whilst the other imitates a Parisian al-fresco patio, with a comfortable interior. The range of drinks is commensurate with it’s’ size, all types of regular & premium brands are available here.

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The Pump Room

December 8, 2008

The Pump Room

The Pump Room

{xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}hey’ve also got a great lunch special of soup, entree, and dessert. Our fave is the burger special: a pint of beer, burger and fries, and the burgers are huge!


We also had an entree of some kind of Australian fish (murkacuddy or something) with garlic mash potatoes and Chinese green beans.


Like Brewerkz, beer prices during the day are much better than at night, so drink up while the sun is shining! I recommend a pint of the micro brewed IPA; $3 at lunch time! And even though it’s more at night, for the great quality, you get what you’re paying for.

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December 8, 2008

Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore

Popped by here one night to catch some live music by the fairly decent cover band. While the service here is fairly hit and run, the food and the brews are great every time.


Nothing better that quaffing a Munich Lager and gnawing on a pork knuckle or Wienerschnitzel with a side of Spaetzle (another hit and miss affair, from what friends have told me). Follow that up with a nice piece of apple strudel for dessert and of course more beer, perhaps a Munich Dark for a big thumbs up?


I know it might seem like a food heavy review, but the beer’s simple enough. It’s great. What I love and miss most about middle Europe is the food. And they’ve got it down right.

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daniel otto kimble

December 8, 2008


daniel otto kimbleThe Ribs are so tasty, that if they were to run out, I’d be willing to sacrifice half of my own just for lunch! The beers though are why everybody really comes here.


They’ve got the most extensive range of specialty beers, from yummy fruit blends, to Indian Pale Ale to a Pilsner that’s just as good as the kind you find in the Czech Republic.


And this is not just my opinion. Learned experts at no less than the Australian International Beer Awards gave brew master Scott Robertson and his team a host of awards this year, including a gold, two silvers and a bronze for their entries.

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December 8, 2008

Archipelago Brewery Company

Archipelago Brewery Company was established in 1931 and was the first commercial brewery in Singapore before being sold off, only to be revived by APB last year, in a rather successful fashion.


They have three great beers on tap: Trader’s Ale, a hoppy beer for those who like it strong, Straits Pale, nice on a hot day when you don’t want to get overpowered, and our fave, the Traveler’s Wheat, which is unlike any other wheat beer I’ve tried.


For those in the know, you can taste the Belgian yeast. But they’ve added Asian spices like Assam, Lemon grass, Chinese orange peel, ginger, and coriander to create a unique beer that’s reason enough for visiting. Kudos to Fal Allen and his crew on making some great specialty beers!


– 79 Circular Road 6327 8408 and Far East Sq. 31 Pekin Street,

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