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Chedi Bar

December 11, 2008 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

The CHEDI BAR{xtypo_dropcap}O{/xtypo_dropcap}ne lousy day after work, I was walking around Circular Road, trying to find a nice little bar to enjoy a drink when I noticed CHEDI BAR, a new bar along the stretch of karaoke-bar haven.


With my interest piqued by the name of the bar, I decided to do what most levelheaded professional women won’t – walk into a watering hole alone and sit myself along the bar.


Fortunately the crowd of yuppie executives in smart casuals working along the financial hub and your token expatriates were pretty much engrossed with their own parties thus no one batted an eyelid when I strutted in and sat myself at the bar.


The interior was an eclectic mix of Balinese influences and modern lounge comforts with its many Buddha figurines and plush sofas. I was captivated by the huge fish tank at the end of the bar when I heard THE BARMAN asking for my order.


I took my eyes away from the colourful fish and time stopped. He was the best-looking BARMAN I’ve seen this side of Singapore with a smile that could melt butter. He brought my order of a Kilkenny’s as I started texting all the girlfriends about my new find.


Music at CHEDI is made up of ambient lounge lizard tunes. It worked well for the crowd that basically wanted easy conversation in a relaxing atmosphere.


THE BARMAN introduced me to their house special – Nirvana, which is a vodka-based concoction that would surely send you to enlightenment if THE BARMAN’s smile wouldn’t. I can see the bar filling up with women once word gets out on THE BARMAN so boys, you have been warned.


I left the bar after five drinks when I was supposed to have only one. There is something about CHEDI’s that makes you feel right at home even at your first visit. So ladies, next time you visit CHEDI’s, ask THE BARMAN for a Kilkenny’s and a night to remember but be careful what you wish for.

– Chedi Bar, 47 Circular Road, Singapore (opposite Molly Malones), Happy Hours 5pm-8pm

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