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The Perfect Coffee PourThe Perfect Coffee Pour

If your a fan of the ol' dirty water, the devil's brew... the lifeblood of commerce and  [ ... ]

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Coffee (I love You.)

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day.

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STOLICHNAYA ELIT VODKA The Russian Czars, in their quest to dull the pain of... being in Russia, perfected an exclusive vodka-making technique wherein the elixir's impurities are frozen out.

Sort of. This "freeze-filtration process" is fairly complicated, time-consuming, and expensive, but if you're a vodka enthusiast, it's worth it.

Stolichnaya has updated the method and taken it one step further by filtering the already pure alcohol through a Z-carbon filter, which was apparently rare in the 16th century. The result is Elit, an extremely smooth luxury vodka that goes well on the rocks.

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