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Zsuzsanna Bozo

Goddess of The Caledonia: Zsuzsanna Bozo

December 30, 2011 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

Zsuzsanna Bozo

I sit unable to resist a fresh Guinness draft. It’s staring me down, so I green light the beer for my nerves’ sake. Soon I’ll be interviewing a brilliant and beautiful Bar Goddess at The Caledonia. She has arrived, and immediately apologizes for keeping me waiting.


It’s a display of her abundant class right there. Zsuzsanna is driven, and devoted to making Caledonia a second home for all of us living in or visiting Budapest. Both Hungarians and foreign residents are fortunate to have such an honorable and sincere bartender, hostess and owner serving them. She gives her all to the establishment and it’s clientele, and it shows.


Deeply sensitive to the needs of children and providing funds and education to those in need, Zsuzsanna is both charitable and charismatic. She aims almost all her spare time at helping others less fortunate. Her program in the near future involves a Chef school, Argentine Tango lessons for the blind, and dances to raise funds for her many causes. She helped organize the big protest against the government’s attempt at closing down the 6th district at 22:00. She won for everyone.


The campaign continues, and she has several spirit companies as well as celebrities lending their assistance in helping make the legislation disappear. She explains to me that money is "not her priority" in all of this incredibly time consuming work. She is not even a bit materialistic, but she is charming, sensitive and calm. Her quite beautiful soul shines through her eyes. She looks right into mine the whole time we talk. Powerful stuff.


She is shy about being praised, blushing a bit, for she is beautiful inside and out. I tell her that we see how hard she works, yet poised and friendly she remains. She feels that her charity and mentoring programs help give her this inner peace and help her bear her 12-16 hour days. She’s not a big sports fan, loves the color white best, and is currently a single Aquarius. She knows every aspect of the bar business, and can do any task required at The Caledonia. She is a master with Scotch especially, as they feature an amazing array.


She loves to cook, teach, and contribute her all in the community. In my thirty years bartending, she ranks at the absolute top in every way with her service and style. Patrick McMenamin is the first to tell you, "she is awesome." They created and opened Caledonia together 5 years ago in September. She and Patrick keep it real, even a Scottish chef in the kitchen. Hello Paul.


She’s always organizing incredible events. On Caledonia’s website ( you can peruse what she is planning in the months ahead. Or, just go in (VI. Budapest, Mozsar utca 9) and have her teach you a bit about scotch in the lounge. This Bartender is a class act. That’s by everyones’ account over at Caledonia. Her causes and efforts to help the church, hospitals, schools and the disabled all are funded by us if we aim at her Pub. I recommend everybody see for themselves, so she can keep up that supportive creativity and innovation.


She works nonstop, seven days a week, yet flows through the effort without being exhausted or stressed. As a hobby she dances the Argentine Tango. She prefers non-fiction cinema and literature. Maybe that’s because real and practical people like Zsuzsanna want real and practical inspiration. She was born here, yet she picked up a Scottish accent after living in Scotland.


That led to the dream of owning a Scot bar. But she has many others. Patrick was mightily pleased that I assigned this little tribute to her. I’m mighty proud, in turn, to have this personal moment with a living angel. At the end of the meeting she covers my Guinness, as if I didn’t adore her enough.


We salute you Bar Goddess. Keep up the great work, and dear reader, if you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism, consider an {mnf=off} alcohol rehabilitation program for help.


Scott Warren is a regular contributor to Think Magazine and can be reached at [email protected]

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