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Having a (Pure) Blonde Moment?

April 6, 2016 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

There was once a time when Men judged each other by the amount of heavy beer they were able to drink. Now the talk around the bar is all about who can get the best deal on Crossfit training in Los Angeles to battle the beer bloat and keep their waistline in check. Of course, you can have it both ways – the taste of beer without the bloat. We’ve put together our top list of the best tasting low-carb beers.


Let’s Start With Some Flavor

For some, the bitter taste of beer is just what they’re looking for to finish off a hard day at work, however, it isn’t for everyone. Coming to the table with more of a sweet taste is Abita Purple Haze. With the inclusion of real raspberries which are added post-filtration, this low-carb (11g) beer comes with a fruity aroma. Don’t believe there are real raspberries? Check your bottle, many have been known to arrive with visible fruit pulp.


The Alluring(?) Taste of Ginger

Ginger isn’t a flavor that appeals to everybody, but it certainly has a following. Keeping these ginger-lovers satisfied is Good JuJu. A light ale which combines the noticeable taste of ginger with a mixture of herbs and spices which work together to bring your taste buds a fuller flavor than many of its competitors. If you fancy yourself a low carb beer connoisseur, this is one that needs to be tried.


The Beer Which Started the Trend (and Our Title)

Pure Blonde. Known to be the name that started it all, Pure Blonde now have a range of low-carb beers ranging from their trusted and true traditional right down to an Ultra Low Carb Lager. Brewed for longer than traditional beers which breaks down more natural sugars, Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager includes no preservatives, however, does include Hersbrucker hops to bring a floral and aroma.


If you were to survey a group of men in a bar 50 years ago they would have all scoffed at the idea of a beer which boasted a low-carb rating, however, with the ever evolving beer drinking culture beers such as the ones we mentioned above has risen to prominence promising just that. So the next time you and your friends are at the bar looking for a beer that won’t bust your waistline, give these options a consideration.

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