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Home Club

Home Club

December 11, 2008 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

Home Club{xtypo_dropcap}O{/xtypo_dropcap}ften you go out and who knows, it’s been a long day, week or month, and you just think to yourself… “maybe right now I’d like to be home”, where the chairs are comfortable, the beer is cold and the music is just what you need to either sooth your soul or energise your tired ass.


Well now, you can go home, but to a home with a great crowd and an alternative vibe. After all, it was bound to happen in a city where the typical club experience is by nature a very commercial experience, that people would seek something they could make their own and that’s just what the crewe that made this place decided to do.


They set out to create a place where old-timers and new-comers could feel welcome, chill out, jump around or whatever. This is Singapore’s underground music community in full bloom, and on a recent visit I felt just 2 pills short of a night out in East Berlin!


The owners have created their playland with a make-ready bent, filling it with found-art objects that give it a real arthouse vibe.


Subsequent visits show that the space is an ever-evolving work of art, comfortable and yet exciting each time. you almost feel like you should do some redecorating of your own, but the infectious beats oozing out of the excellent sound system tell you to sit back and relax with your beer instead.


After all, what is a club without music?


For music is the glue that bonds a city’s creative types, and here you can find designers, media hounds, designers both graphic and interior all absorbing ideas and making friends for future deeds… all to the great beats of deejays like Zaidi, Radzi, Jah and the very talented Adrian Wee who throws his signature night Poptart on occasion.


The party goes on late into the night, in fact, the place doesn’t even get rolling until around midnight, sooner on the weekends of course, so get there early if you’re aiming to park your booty on a soft couch.


There’s always worthwhile drink specials for the budget conscious. To know who’s playing when, check out, or just go ’til you’re a regular!


– Home Club, 20 Upper Circular Road #B1-01/06, Singapore, 6538 2928, 9382 1870, Open daily 6pm till6am. First drink charge from 6pm-12mn $12. How to get there: Raffles MRT, Bus service: 2, 12, 16M, 33, 51, 54, 63, 65M, 80, 89M, 162M, 174M, 189M, 197

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