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Auchroisk 1975

In True Scotch Vein

January 16, 2011 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

Auchroisk 1975The King in question was James IV and while staying at his Falkand Palace hunting lodge he commissioned Friar John Cor of the Tironensian order of the nearby Lindores Abbey to make aquavitae, or water of life.

Eight bols of malt is the equivalent of approximately 580 kilos which would yield over 400 bottles of whisky today.


Some imagine it tasted a bit like Auchroisk 1975. This is one spectacular whisky! Distilled at the elegant and modern Auchroisk distillery in 1975, only 228 bottles of spirit were ever charged from refill hogshead cask number 5522.


The whisky smells of vanilla and rum raisin in a hot apple pie – stewed apple citrus and baking spices. The taste opens fresh, almost youthful, but quickly shows its maturity (all 34 years of it) as the palate runs to spicy and oaky balanced with yet more sweet citrus cooked cherries and berries? The whisky finishes long, strong and chewy with the oak, spice, and berry sweetness lingering.


So if you’re looking for a mature Scotch Whisky and think it’s ok if a Scotch costs more than the car you drove in school, then Auchroisk 1975 is the one for you.

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