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cocktails at the Jazz Garden in Budapest

Jazz Garden Budapest

February 20, 2011 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

cocktails at the Jazz Garden in Budapest

?The founders of the venue sought, “a suitable spot for our club in the inner city. The kind that us as musicians would have loved to play in.” What they found was a dank hole filled with trash. From those fetid depths was born a first-class venue.


Jazz aficionados pass through an entry parlor with a high ceiling, and windingly descend into the basement, passing framed portraits of performers past along the way. Jazz Garden is an acoustically and esthetically fine-tuned space. The design seems inspired by early 20th-century garden cafes in Paris, and features street lamps, cobbled floors and clambering, flowered vines. One can see Josephine Baker stepping onstage here for an impromptu performance.


The ceiling is a marriage of form and function. Built of sound-proofing and covered with little lights, it creates the illusion of a summer night sky. At least one patron called it a perfect cure for winter drear. The quality of the music featured is unquestionably high, with even “jam session” nights drawing rave reviews.


The food is tasty and, along with the drinks, reasonably priced. Expect great music, fast service and people in jeans and shorts rubbing elbows with the more formally attired. With patrons from around the world, the common language here is jazz.

Jazz Garden, 1053 Budapest, Veres Pálné utca 44, Magyarország, T: 06 1 266 7364

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