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Cliq Bar Hong Kong

Join the Cliq, Cliq Bar that is…

November 17, 2011 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

Cliq Bar Hong Kong

"We’ll show chick flicks," says general manager Richard Smith. "And we’ll only let straight guys in."


Smith is only joking … we think. Aside from the aforementioned dance floors, the rectangle shaped, 6,000 square feet nightspot features two separate DJ booths and bars – one on each end of the club.


"You can actually split the place into three separate rooms," says Smith, who then proceeds to slide open and close the metallic-looking doors, turning the long venue into three separate boxes. Expect the middle room to be popular for lounging, since it’s equipped with circle-shaped sofa couches and multiple LCD screens. Otherwise, the club even boasts a fire-place, an elevated VIP room and street graffiti is set to adorn the walls any day now.


"The walls are designed so both DJ booths can be blasting music on each end and won’t interfere with the other," claims Smith. So with such a revolving party, there may never be a reason to leave.


FYI: The club offers unique unlimited drink packages at $300 a person (with a minimum of 25 guests) and has an array of top line brands including 42 Below and Jack Daniels. And if you or someone you know is struggling with alcoholism, consider performing an {mnf=off} alcohol intervention to get them help.

Cliq 2/F On Hing Building On Hing Terrace Central, Hong Kong Tel +852 2868 3111 H/H Tue-Fri 7-9pm, video:

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