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Jo's Bar & Garaz

Jo’s Bar and Garáž

December 11, 2008 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

Jo's Bar & Garaz

{xtypo_dropcap}U{/xtypo_dropcap}pstairs is a typical sports bar, someplace one might expect to see Al Bundy hanging out with the Monday Night Football announcers, and yet something wilder lurks below.

The cheese-fries style testosterone gives way to DJs and dancing on the weekends, breathing life into a down-stairs dance floor that is described by the owner as “dark and grisly.” Somehow I think this was meant in a good way.


This place fills with a crowd of mostly foreigners with a healthy helping of locals, and in the past has had raging private parties (details withheld) and male strippers on Lady’s night. It also hosts a couch that has seen more action than Jon Woo.


Worm past the narrow bar area to its back rooms where you can throw back a couple of Staropramens with your pals amidst basic bench-table decor and thumping music, or enjoy a game of darts if you can manage to wiggle the board area away from others.


Better still, get your once-a-week exercise by going downstairs to Jo’s Garaz, which houses a thumping cellar dance floor (but be prepared for a cover charge).

Jo's Bar & Garaz

Located on the hip strip of Mala Strana, a walk down to Charles Bridge might just be the thing you’ll need to get all that alcohol circulating in your system, or just escaping from the tourists that spill into Jo’s during summer season.


Jo’s Bar & Garaz is situated 75 meters in a straight line from the Charles Bridge at the foot of Prague Castle and is one of Central Europe’s first ex-pat bar’s.

Established in 1992 by a Canadian brother and sister duo, Jo’s Bar attracted a hive of cosmopolitan thinking locals and most every drifter from the West. Originally only a small bar with outdoor seating – Jo’s expanded into a lounge and back room on the ground floor giving home to a cozy couch & armchair setting.


The bar has also been revamped with heavy oak tables and bar counters – though maintaining parts of the old, original bar shelving and decoration.


joey at jo's bar

Further to this development, the 600 year old downstairs Gothic cellar was reconstructed and opened as a bar/club with dance floor and DJ booth, adding to the “something for everyone” fun concept that has always been synonymous with Jo’s Bar. Since the Spring of 2000, Jo’s also embraces lovers of real (no compromises, honest!) Mexican food, steaks and burgers.


Jo’s Bar is the perfect mixture of regulars, with just the right amount of Mala Strana tourists and backpackers. At Jo’s, the first expat owned bar in all of Prague, they know that the secret to making any type of drinker happy is with a fully stocked bar, a lounge with a spacious couch and a small but intimate dance floor.


The long narrow bars provides for tight quarters, but that makes it all the easier to make good conversation with the stranger next to you. To keep you up to date, sports are usually on the television at the bar and there is always cool American and Czech music playing. If you are looking for the full experience and a friendly staff, try Jo’s.


Reason to go: a varied menu with reasonable prices at a great location and fun!

– Jo’s Bar & Garáž, Malostranské square 7, Prague 1, Malá Strana, 110 00, Prague, Czech Republic, Metro: A (Green) to Malastranska, Trams, 22, 23, 20, 12 and 57 to Malastranske Namesti, Tel: +420 257 530 162 Open 11am-2am daily

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