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Kanis en Meiland Amstedam

Kanis en Meiland

December 10, 2012 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

Kanis en Meiland Amstedam


Visited by people with boats and yuppies with their small families. Roomy, with quiet music and friendly female service. The pub has been given precedence over the restaurant recently. The terrace to the east is large has a view of a peculiar mixture of boats and ships: windjammers, barges, tugs, yachts and so on.


There is an old pool table and an exhibition of bird skulls. They serve apple pie with your coffee, and for lunch there are rolls with a large range of cheeses and meats and also a soup-of-the-day. The draught beer is Heineken and a white beer, along with a limited range of bottled beer. The red and white house wines are pleasant. The previously extensive menu has been changed into a broad range of delicious tapas.


— Kanis en Meiland, Levantkade 127 1019 MJ Amsterdam Netherlands‎ +31 20 737 0674,

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