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stout beers

Make mine Stout!

October 2, 2012 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

stout beers



1) Guinness Extra Stout Guinness is the benchmark by which all other stouts are measured. Thick and dark, this is a beer to be savored, not pounded in the back seat of a Camaro in the dance club parking lot. It is worth while to try and find one of the few bars in Denver that will serve you a draught Guinness (or "draft" if that is a little too European for you) at the proper temperature. Don’t start squealing "ew, warm beer!" like a bunch of pantywaists. It really does taste better when you don’t try to numb your taste buds. As an added bonus, if you find a bar that will serve you a proper Guinness, chances are the bartender will be enlightened enough to pour your stout slowly, rather than like a Budweiser, so you don’t end up with half a glass of foam.


2) St. Peter’s Stout This was a new one for me, and while I am always up for a new beer, what really caught my eye was the old-fashioned bottle. Okay, I am a sucker for a good package design. The beer was a little less notable. The label supplies the standard marketing tripe about medieval recipes and drafty old castles turned brewery. While the St. Peter’s was a pretty good beer, it was definitely not what I expect in an English stout. It was like a mix of stout and ale: too light for a stout, and too dark for an ale. This one is unusual, and I think it is worth a try.


3) Fuller’s London Porter I don’t think Fuller’s makes a bad beer. I guess it should have it figured out after 150 years. This one is the granddaddy of porters: great rich flavor, and good texture make this one a real treat. The London Porter also has a pretty good kick on it for a porter. It always sneaks up on me. Man, I wish I had one right now. Bars in Denver that have this on tap are few and far between. Unlike Guinness, this one is fine out of the bottle. Even if your local liquor store runs "rise and shine" malt liquor specials like mine does, you should still be able to track this one down.


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