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December 11, 2008 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

{xtypo_dropcap}T{/xtypo_dropcap}he never-ending search for something bigger, brighter, better or maybe, just a unique place to sit back and unwind over the lure of an alcoholic beverage with friends as the week’s troubles ease away.


Who’s to know anyway? After a few rounds, I doubt anyone even cares. But the bottomline is, themed bars ARE the current rage. So, what’s out there?


Munk is a quaint little treasure chest along the well-known Circular road stretch, Boat Quay. The cosy, low-ceilinged bar, nestled on the second level of a typical Boat Quay shophouse seems to encompass you with a new perspective once its doors close behind you.


Its almost as if you have left the hustle and bustle of Shenton Way behind, and entered an abode where kicking back and lounging are the order of the day.


The ethnic oriental decor exudes a somewhat rustic class. Walls covered in dark blue satin wallpaper are adorned with antique Buddha sculptures which adds to the casual ambience that Munk seems to effortlessly emanate.


Plush oriental rugs grace hardwood flooring while luminant chandeliers above provide just enough light to recognise that familiar face by the bar.


Don’t let its small stature fool you, good things come in small packages. Munk boasts a pool table, comfortable lounges and a full bar for any seasoned alcoholic to go gaga over. Housepour goes for S$4.50 a pop during happy hours and S$15 for a pitcher. The rest of the night sees drinks at S$9 a glass. Not bad for a bar that opens till dawn.


The music is a soft subtle mix of acid jazz and laid back ambient grooves perfect for a chill-out session with friends or even that first date.


But people, when that alcohol kicks into gear and you want to do your thang and shake that touchie, Munk ups the tempo after 3am with some serious hip swaying, butt shaking R&B. Time to get the groove on!


Now let’s not forget the clientele. The first impression I got walking in was “YUMMY!” Ladies, if there is a place to sit back and enjoy eye candy, Munk is the place to be. Not only are the men cute, they can bust a move too. There’s just nothing as sweet as watching a man who can dance now is there? Hmmmm….


Guys, fret not. The waitresses are pretty hot, as are the ladies that walk in. Shoot a game of pool or two to impress. If you want to be noticed, the pool table, which is THE focal point, is the way to go. Hot babes play pool too! Good pool I might add. But i don’t have to tell you that, so start chalking.


Now about getting in… There’s NO cover charge. Hooray!! Munk doesn’t have much of a door policy but you’re still expected to wear clothes! Pretty much anything goes. Just don’t expect entry if you look like you’re going to a fish market.


Now that we’ve pretty much covered all bases, grab a few friends and head down to Boat Quay and let the allure of Munk entice you to a night of boozing and partying till the break of dawn. Don’t forget your shades!


– Munk 38A Circular Road, Boat Quay, Singapore, Hours: 6pm – 6am Mon-Sun)

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