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Why drink more beer? It’s good for you!

drink beer

Well, just consider that when we touch the cold bottle from the fridge or over the bar counter, we listen to the carbon dioxide that is released while the beer’s foam develops, we see the amber color of the beer poured into our glass, we smell the aromatic substances that come from the snatch block and of course we taste the distinct bitter beer taste that is associated with the contained acids and wooden taste of tannins.

Enjoying a beer on a hot day watching our favorite sports games and cooking barbeque is one of the traditions beer has become famous worldwide for.

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Feeling blue ? Johnny Walker Blue Label that is…

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Handcrafted Lacquer Presentation Case

{xtypo_dropcap}A{/xtypo_dropcap}nd for smoothness, few can beat Johnnie Walker Blue Label, an inspired blend of the world’s rarest and most expensive whiskies, which have been chosen at the peak of their perfection, some having been aged in oak for at least 50 years!

A few of the distilleries that produced these casks are no longer in existence, making these whiskies totally irreplaceable and totally unique from bottle to bottle.

So next time you find yourself at Changi Airport’s new Terminal 3, keep your eyes open for the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Handcrafted Lacquer Presentation Case.

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Vielle Bon Secours

December 8, 2008

What are the most expensive beers in the world?

Vielle Bon Secours1. Vielle Bon Secours:

This tops the list of the world’s most expensive beer, costing around £500 (equivalent to around S$1,550) per bottle or about £39 (equivalent to around $120) per pint. It can only be found in a bar called the Bierdrome in London.


Samuel Adams' Utopias2. Samuel Adams’ Utopias:

This beer is brewed by the Boston Beer Company, using the brand name of Samuel Adam’s Utopias, named after one of the founding fathers of the USA.


This comes second in the list of the world’s most expensive beer which costs around US$100 per bottle (24 oz) or about US$67 per pint, sold in copper bottles resembling the copper brewing kettles which are used by brewers for hundreds of years.

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martini firm

December 8, 2008

A firm shake… Martini Firm’s Daybed Supperbar

martini firm{xtypo_dropcap}O{/xtypo_dropcap}nce called The Daybed Supperbar, Martini Firm’s concept of bringing the ease of your own home to the adventurous outside is a fantasy fulfilled as what is more leisurely than lying around in a beautiful bed surrounded by beautiful people while nursing that colourful glass of martini.


The name change brought about by the desire to market the nightspot as more than just a bedroom concept but a place with great drinks and permanency is symbolic of the pride the bar takes in being of high quality and style.

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Carte Noire

December 8, 2008

Instant coffee?

Carte Noire

{xtypo_dropcap}A{/xtypo_dropcap} few years back as a creative director on the Nestle account, I was introduced to the wonders of instant coffee. You see, before that, I was a coffee nazi, and would settle for nothing less than the most discerning blends of well roasted beans.


But when you start getting cases of the stuff, you eventually switch over. Then the cases ran out and my snobbish coffee ways returned.


I just recently discovered a new instant coffee product, not from Nestle this time, but Carte Noire.

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