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Rooie Nelis Amsterdam

Rooie Nelis Amsterdam

December 7, 2012 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

Rooie Nelis Amsterdam


Located in the Jordaan, which is famous for its bars and love of music, this place is part of the city’s folklore. They even have a picture of a young Queen Beatrix giving this fine establishment a visit. Rooie translates as red, the hair colour of the original owner. The same colour is used to full effect in the interior, giving this place a very bright (if slightly disturbing) look. Frequented by all sorts of clientele, students in particular seem very fond of this place. No ‘real food? is available, although you can get a few simple snacks. The beer is an average price and disabled access is available.


— Rooie Nelis, Laurierstraat 101, Amsterdam, +31 20 624 41 67,

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