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The Siam Supper Club

Siam Supper Club

December 11, 2008 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

The Siam Supper Club{xtypo_dropcap}I{/xtypo_dropcap} was sitting in front of my computer at about 3 am with my usual cyber-induced blank stare when I decided to check my e-mail. I began wading through the various array of ‘Buy this…. ‘ ‘You’re paying too much for that…. ‘ ‘Have you ever thought about…. ‘ and so on, ad nauseam.


Then amidst the congealing spam I found an actual message! It was from a recent friend, telling me about Siam Supper Club’s new VIP limousine service he just tried out. I had been to Wong San’s fine bars before; as a matter of fact I had spent most of the money I moved to Singapore with there.


But I hadn’t been there since their dramatic facelift at Wong San’s Eastside, Eastside Terrace and Siam SupperClub over the past three months or their new outdoor winebar Vino Vino.


My friend wanted to go there for ladies night and asked me if I wanted to go. Needless to say, my overactive imagination began to whirl with visions of pulling up in a sleek BMW, paparazzi snapping pictures as I exit the limo with the crowd chanting, “Joe… Joe… Joe.”


Then I felt a hand on my shoulder – my eyes began to focus on my girlfriend shaking me, saying “Joe…. Joe, time for you to go to bed.” The next night, we pulled up to a few interested stares but no papparazzi and fawning crowds. Still, it was a great thing for just S$25 (for reservations, contact the manager at +65 6735-9819 in advance) This innovative clubbing destination is the first in Singapore to offer this service!


I strutted on in, and man, the place is so nice now with all the comfy lounge chairs and they’ve completely revamped the sitting area and mini stage.


It’s a lot more spacious now than before, so there was room enough for my ego as I slid up to the new larger bar counter, which is huge enough for everyone to squeeze themselves through to get their drinks. And then the night really began…


siam supper clubWhile drinking, we chatted up some random girl for her take on The Siam Supper Club


BarmanGuide: Tell me something I don’t already know about… The Siam Supperclub


Alicia: Err… it just when through a big renovation?


BarmanGuide: Err… Something I don’t know?


Alicia: Oh! There’s this great party here tonight with!


BarmanGuide: Well, obviously! So what brings you here tonight?


Alicia: Well I use to frequent this place a bit. I heard of the renovation and decided to check it out.


BarmanGuide: What has surprised you about the new place?


Alicia: Ooh! I like this small area they have which conceals you from the rest of the club with a sliding velvet curtain. Its nice how when a group of friends just want to have some private space.


The concept they have here is pretty much a bar cum club – which means I don’t have to walk so far to get a drink! The nicest of it all are the staff here. They know how to treat their customer right.


BarmanGuide: Met any nice people here other then the staff?


Alicia: Well, yeah. It doesn’t feel like I need to be flaring my social graces all over the place because the guests & clubbers all seem to genuinely wanna have a good time. The place doesn’t seem so uptight.


BarmanGuide: Are we destined to see men on the prowl again?


Alicia: (Sniggers) Men will be Men. Testosterone levels are not on an exceptional high tonight. But the guys here seem to know when to back away when they’re not wanted.


BarmanGuide: What else matters other then the booze, people & place when you’re clubbing?


Alicia: The music! I’m loving their RnB Saturdays. I’ve also been here on other nights like Friday where the resident DJ spins anything from Ebtg (Everything but the Girl) to Groove Armada. But they are best known for their Ladies Night on Thursdays.


BarmanGuide: In conclusion…


Alicia: In conclusion, the booze list stores a wide range that your avid club-going-drinking-animal would know, not forgetting the nice VIP corner you can lay back to sip on that Martini. In short I’m bringing my girls the next time! Nicely Done!


– Siam Supper Club, 207 River Valley Road #01-53/54/55 UE Square, Singapore . +65 6732-0938. Wong San’s Eastside & Eastside Terrace are at 207 River Valley Road #01-51/52 UE Square. +65 6235-6418

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