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Skylark Lounge live music in Denver

Skylark Lounge

January 27, 2011 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

Skylark Lounge live music in Denver

That place in Denver is the Skylark Lounge. This bar is like a comfy old chair that you don’t just plop down on, but settle into. You have to ease yourself into the atmosphere. The dimly lit, one-room bar has glimmering bottles lined up against walls filled with nostalgic posters.


A picture of Rita Hayworth stares down at an out-of-order ’50s cigarette machine, offering up packs for 35 cents (once again, I stress out-of-order). A solitary pool table sets in the back of the room and smoke swirls through the lamplight coming from each corner. Add to the atmosphere a friendly, no-frills staff and great drink prices, and you’ve got the bar of bars in Denver.

– Skylark Lounge; 140 South Broadway, Denver, CO 80209 (303) 722-7844,

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