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Suzie Wong

December 11, 2008 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

{xtypo_dropcap}N{/xtypo_dropcap}amed after the party girl in 1930’s Shanghai, “Suzie Wong” has become synonymous with squander, seduction, and eroticism.


The Suzie Wong bar in Beijing is said to be the bar in which Du Kefeng (Christopher Doyle), the official camera man of Wan Jiawei (a famous Hong Kong director), used to indulge himself with wine, women and song.


At the apex of a set of spiral steps is a soft bed, a recurrence of the scenery from Wang Jiawei’s “Chungking Express” and “Ashes of Times.”


At Suzie Wong, glass after glass of alcohol engenders an atmosphere of ecstasy which eases up all the senses. The ambience created has made the bar the focus and assembly point of the most fascinating women in Beijing.

– Suzie Wong, West Gate of Chaoyang Park, A1 Nongzhanguan Rd, Chaoyang, Beijing, China

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