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December 11, 2008 Rozanne Woodward 0 Comments

Wakata{xtypo_dropcap}I{/xtypo_dropcap}t doesn’t look like a classic club, more like your friend’s flat. The news is that the wall dividing the two rooms doesn’t exist any more, which opens up the whole space.


You’ll feel at home here till it’s time to go home.


-Wakata, Malírská 227/14, Praha 7, Bubenec, 170 00, Prague, Czech Republic, Tel: +420 233 370 518,, email: [email protected], Tram 1, 8, 25, 26 Nighttram 51, 56, Stop: Letenské námestí. Nearest metro: Vltavská, or Hradcanská, Open: Mon. thru Thur.: 17-03?, Fri. and Sat.: 17-05?, Sun.: 18-03?, DJs play daily from 21:00, on Fri. and Sat. from 20:00

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