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{xtypo_dropcap}R{/xtypo_dropcap}ight from its inception the club focused on DJ culture – drum&bass, hiphop, house, reagae. At that time most of the now-famous DJs used to come to the club to practise their craft and lots of them made their debut in front of an audience at the club.


In the beginning the club borrowed decks and equipment for the weekends, but XT3 soon bought its own equipment and the club started bursting at the seams, especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays when hiphop and drum&bass nights are held.


The club got its name from a Russian tractor, whose radiator still hangs on the wall to this day.


In the Russian alphabet XT3 stands for “Charkovskyj Traktorovyj Zavod” (Kharkov Tractor Plant).


In 1999 XT3 expanded downwards, adding an extra room for DJs and dancing, a gallery, a second bar and a table-football room. The club’s capacity doubled and simultaneously offered much more space for music events, so besides DJs XT3 can now host small bands.


The XT3 Gallery offers a new exhibition of photographs or graphic art every month, often linked to music, travel and graffiti. In 2001 it opened an outdoor garden which is a nice place to sit on beautiful summer days.XT3 is not right in the centre of Prague. It is two stops by underground from Florenc, which allows it to retain a local atmosphere without masses of tourists.


KLUB XT3 dance

XT3 is a permanent base for new projects and DJs who can meet more experienced musicians here.

The club is open to all people of good will.


XT3 has also hosted DJs from other towns in the Czech Republic as well as from Belgium, Holland, Germany and USA. Fans of drum&bass should not fail to visit this club when they come to Prague.


You can see in XT3 best drum&bass, jungle, breakbeat, reagae, house djs and for free or 30 Kc entrance.


We recommend famous djs: Stanzim, Babe LN, John Neibr, Touchwood, Katcha, A.L.I., QJR, Babylonrocker, Gargamel, Ghonzales, Liquid A, Saku, Garden Zitty sound system, Bass Beast sound system.


XT3 Rokycanova 29, Praha 3, Žižkov, 130 00 Prague, Czech Republic, . Tel: +420 222 783 463, You can find information, including the club’s event list, photos and maps, at its popular website

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